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TOYOTA YARIS 2018 INDIA Toyota Motor has been delivering the best in quality and reliable vehicles since 1997 and that's the reason why majority of the customers tend to get attracted towards Toyota instead of many other luxury vehicle brands in the Indian market. But this time Toyota has landed itself in competition with [...]

Google Maps useful new Feature: Checkout

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Tech monster Google has included another, very valuable component to its route application Google Maps for both Android and iOS clients. For instance, clients can look for "veggie lover" in the event that they might want to see about an eatery's vegan choices or a "wheelchair" to find out about the availability. Seeking in [...]

Gmail: lets you work even when there is no internet connectivity, how to activate the feature

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Google's Gmail, a standout amongst the most generally utilized messaging administration, has been seeing a large number of redesigns  lately. Just before the Google I/O 2018 designer's meeting it got a noteworthy upgrade and after the gathering, a few new AI-based highlights were presented for the mailing administration. Be that as it may, now, another [...]

Facebook: Stop recording your call and SMS data

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Facebook is having a not all that great time since recent days as it has gone under a blast of feedback from a few government experts for imparting client information to an outsider counseling firm. As of late it was uncovered that the online networking mammoth has likewise been gathering customary call and SMS [...]

Check everything that WhatsApp knows about you

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Long range informal communication monster Facebook was as of late involved in a gigantic debate when it was accounted for that private information of somewhere in the range of 80 million clients was imparted to a London-based voting organization, Cambridge Analytica. It started a level headed discussion among clients comprehensively, about how much data [...]

Lexip -all in one revolutionary gaming mouse with 2 joysticks

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Lexip : The First Gaming Mouse With 2 Joysticks Lexip is the world's first all-in-one  Revolutionary gaming mouse designed to fulfill all your gaming needs for all types of games. This mouse is instinctive,precise and fast for all your favourite games. Lexip can give you a focused edge in your most loved diversions all [...]

Samsung Galaxy S9- Is it worth the price ?

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With almost the same design as the predecent Galaxy S8 and a few new features, is the Galaxy S9 worth the price tag ? #1. The Fingerprint Scanner The first and the most noticeable improvement comes in the form of the placement of the fingerprint sensor. The biggest problem in the S8 was that [...]

Tech from NASA that can save human lives during natural disasters

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#1. FINDER - All new tech from NASA Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response also known as FINDER, is a small-sized, suitcase shaped device that can hear the heartbeats and breathing of humans buried in the debris of buildings or ice. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/DHS NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Department of Homeland Security’s [...]

Mini Transporter-Loomo

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#1. Self-Balancing: Mini transporter is smooth, self-adjusting ride involvement over general territories. Effectively travels 22 miles in a single charge.   #2. Auto Follow: With cutting edge PC vision, Loomo can tail you self-sufficiently, shoot settled video, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. #3. Fun & Friendly: Adorable identity and articulations will [...]

Evolution of the automobile industry

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Automobiles eh? Right place and maybe the right time. Let’s take a tour of the shocking history of the automobile industry that seriously took me into the blue. If you guys don’t already know, let me explain to you the origin of these four wheeled beasts. It all started in the late 1800s somewhere [...]