Porsche unveiled the production unit of its all electric Mission-E vehicle last year which was capable enough and was supposed to compete with Tesla’s Model S. But this year, on the 70th anniversary of the automobile manufacturer, it was renamed to ‘The Taycan’, apparently pronounced as (‘tir-con’).

After the renaming was tweeted by several media giants, the name was made fun of and varied mispronounciations came up.

The new electric vehicle set to be launched somewhere in 2019 has two electric motors which are able to produce more than 600 horsepower and can go from 0-60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. The vehicle will have a range of around 300 miles and will be compatible with the European Fast-Charging Network.

The Volkswagen owned automaker was in news because it became the part of massive emissions cheating scandal and had to withdraw a large number of SUVs from the market.

The automotive market has got itself into the manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles and to cope up with such a situation, The Taycan is the first step by Porsche to hold its position in the growing industry.