Toyota Motor has been delivering the best in quality and reliable vehicles since 1997 and that’s the reason why majority of the customers tend to get attracted towards Toyota instead of many other luxury vehicle brands in the Indian market. But this time Toyota has landed itself in competition with the likes of Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, so all that matters is the vehicle’s own characteristics and capabilities and not only the brand name.

1. What’s Unique ?

The main attention in the all-new Yaris is given to safety with the best in class features like Disk Brakes on all 4 wheels, Hill Launch Assist, and Traction Control. What’s common to all the variants is, 7 Airbags and ABS with EBD.

2. Engine

Toyota is offering a 1.5 litre 6-Speed Manual and  a 1.5 litre Seven-Step CVT Automatic, both Petrol units. The diesel is not on offer this time. But even with these two options, Toyota is able to offer 8 different variants to suit different consumer markets in India.

The 6-speed manual shift feels very light and the daily commute in this vehicle will not be much of a hassle whereas, in the automatic CVT, the paddles behind the steering feel a little too sensitive to get accustomed to but once in habit will be a treat to drive. The downshifting on the automatic does not feel real, obviously due to the CVT platform but it shortens the gearshifts so effectively that it almost feels like a traditional gearbox.

The power kicks in after 4,000 rpm and so it sums to a ‘Not so good’ Mid-Range performance which is rather expected from a vehicle in this segment.

3.Ride Quality and Comfort

The all new Yaris does feel a bit firm at slower speeds, tranferring the shocks from the bumps on the road right into the cabin but after attaining higher speeds, it doesn’t fail to impress. It gives the confidence to driver to go over bumps at  higher speeds ensuring the comfort of passengers and stability of the vehicle. The braking performance through the 4 disk-brakes on the V and VX variants does make you feel pretty secure when on high speeds.  Yaris is equipped with acoustic glass to make the ride silent but it leads to the engine noise filtering its way inside the cabin.

The steering feels dead at the centre after crossing the 100 kmph mark, and the driver feels no connection with the front wheels through the steering making it a bit difficult to handle.

4. What’s Inside the Cabin ?

While the dual-tone Black and Beige interiors with its centre console does make it feel more airy, the power adjustable driver’s seat is what sets it a class apart. The seat is even adjustable for the short drivers but the fixed steering reach is something to complain about.

The black, chrome and tan colours gives the interior a plush look. Although, the car almost looks and feels like the Corolla  from inside, the centre console with the backlit instrument panel, 4.2 inch TFT display, the soft touch air-con vents and  the ceiling-mounted rear air-con unit (as in the Innova Crysta) for the rear passengers make the car stand out . The rear air-con unit seems aftermarket and leaves no space for the sun-roof which is there on the Honda City and the Hyundai Verna. A few parts are definitely made of hard plastics to cut costs and its even worse in the lower parts of the cabin. The Yaris drops down in postion with the Hyundai Verna which has a class leading interior.

There are a few First-in-class infotainment features, like the hand gestures that can be used to control the volume by just waving your hand up and down in front of the TFT unit. The system lacks Android Auto, Apple Car Play and a dedicated USB slot. The boot is 476 liters and if that’s less for you then you can push the rear seats down in a 60:40 ratio to make it even more spacious and practical.

The legroom and knee-room in the rear row is pretty enough unless you are 6 feets, that’s only when the headroom might  feel a little less. The floor is completely flat making it compatible for 3 people in the rear but the bulging out arm rest from the front makes it practical for only 2 people at the back. You also get a Blue highlight which can be adjusted.

5. TechoVerb Verdict- Toyota Yaris

So, should you buy it or not ?

Toyota Yaris is a car that will be an average performer in almost all the conditions in our country. Toyota has introduced many first-in-class features in competition with others like the gesture controlled infotainment system, power adjustable driver’s seat, tyre air pressure monitor(in selected variants), ceiling-mounted air-con unit, front parking sensors and many more.

It is expected to be a reliable car which the owners will appreciate after long years of use but at a price tag scrolling between Rs. 8.75 lakh- Rs. 14.07 lakh, the car isn’t that fun to drive and the cabin isn’t what you might expect. But what Toyota does offer, is an extended warranty period for the car. So, if Toyota is a name that cools your mind, then Yaris is a must to shortlist.