Whatsapp has launched a new beta version(2.18.179) for android users.This version has a unique feature by which the group admin can now choose who can change a group’s subject,icon and description by going to ‘GROUP INFO’ and tapping ‘GROUP SETTINGS’. The group admin can also remove admin rights from other participants.



The new version also uses ‘FORWARDED’ label for all the messages that were forwarded by the user. This specification will help the users to find the distinction or difference between the forwarded messages and original messages. This label will be added on the forwarded messages and the label can be seen by both the sender and the receiver and this label can not be disabled either by the sender or the receiver.
If any user want to see the feature then the user have to select a message and forward it to any of his contact, the label will be showed up on the top of the forwarded message and this label can not be removed.
As these features are only for beta testing so if you want to experience it then you can download the Whatsapp beta version on your Android Device. The version is available on Google Play or in APK format.